Player Resources

GURPS is a ruleset designed to support any genre and any setting. Because of its broad scope, powerful and flexible character creation rules, and attention to detail, GURPS can be intimidating or overwhelming to new players. The resources below are designed to make new players’ introductions to GURPS a smoother, easier, and more enjoyable process.

One-Page GURPS is an excellent reference sheet for players who are new to the game. At their core, the fundamental game mechanics of GURPS are simple enough to fit on a single page.

GURPS Lite is a free 32-page distillation of the GURPS ruleset, perfect for introducing new players to the game.

GURPS Combat Cards are a printable game aid that help you recall and organize your character’s options in combat. Start with the basics, like “Attack” and “Move”, then add more options to your character’s repertoire as you become more familiar with the system.

The Fallout: Wasteland Tales Sourcebook is the definitive player’s guide and rules source for the Fallout: Wasteland Tales campaign. It inludes advice and templates for creating wasteland characters, all the gear they’ll need to survive, and customized rules for adventuring in the wasteland. It is available by request to Fallout: Wasteland Tales players. 200 pages.

Player Resources

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