Social Elements

Social interaction is an important facet of Fallout gameplay, and is well-supported by the robust system of social skills, advantages, and disadvantages offered by the GURPS ruleset.

Influence skills such as diplomacy, intimidation, fast-talk, and sex appeal can be used during social interactions to influence other characters and help achieve goals such as information gathering, conflict resolution, the granting of favors, or the acquisition of items. The specific influence skills that your character chooses and spends effort to improve depends of your preferred playstyle (i.e. what direction you prefer social encounters to take), and your character’s concept (i.e. How your character prefers to handle social encounters).

Along with skills, a system of advantages and disadvantages impacts your character’s social interactions. Charisma, good looks, or a positive reputation will garner better reactions from people. Social stigmas, obvious social or mental shortcomings, or negative reputations will result in people acting more poorly to you than they otherwise would.

Throughout your adventures in the wasteland, the choices you make and actions you take will often be noticed by others, earning you reputations that will impact future interactions with people. Actions you take may be cheered by one group of people and demonized by another; a sizable portion of the conflict you will encounter and be pressured to somehow resolve will involve pre-existing or emerging tension between factions of varying scope, influence, and resources.

Social Elements

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