In addition to the monstrous mutants, murderous robots, and bloodthirsty human predators that infest the Fallout setting, survivors will be confronted with another deadly and implacable threat: the wasteland itself.

The wasteland, the post-apocalyptic remains of the American southwest, is a harsh environment that constantly tests the survival skills of all who still live within it. Key survival skills such as scrounging, hunting, farming, trapping, observation, stealth, and area knowledge focus on fulfilling the basic survival requirements: food, water, shelter, and injury avoidance.

Without the traditional “three square meals” a day, a wasteland survivor will quickly weaken and will eventually starve to death. The human body needs, at minimum, a half gallon of water per day; in many hot and arid regions of the wasteland, the human body requires a gallon or more each day to sustain itself. Adequate shelter is necessary to enable restful sleep and weather the occasional sandstorm. Avoiding injury isn’t always a matter of having heavy armor and overwhelming firepower; often it can be as simple as avoiding detection by potential treats, carefully considering your options before taking action, and avoiding unnecessary risk.

If you or a companion is injured, possessing some basic first aid skills and supplies can be the difference between life and death for the injured party, although some wounds or debilitating conditions will require the advanced medical skills that only a doctor or tribal healer is likely to possess.


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