Travel of any significant distance in the wasteland, such as between one town and the next, is time-consuming, grueling, and dangerous.

The use of vehicles plays little part in the wasteland culture of Fallout. Instead, survivors rely on their own two feet to get them wherever they are going. Wastelanders that travel often will usually limit their possessions to what they can carry themselves; pack animals are rarely used except to transport goods for trade.

An average human in good health can travel 20-25 miles a day, assuming a light or negligible load and a grueling but sustainable pace. However, the average person would be hard-pressed to carry all of the water, equipment, and food they would need (see Survival) for a journey lasting more than a few days, meaning that long distance travel is often undertaken as part of a caravan equipped with pack animals.

Another important reason for traveling as part of an organized group is the ever-present threat of attack by a lengthy list of human and non- human predators which regularly prey on travelers or anyone else they can find.


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