308 Caliber Weapons and Ammunition

The .308 Winchester rifle cartridge, metric designation 7.62×51mm, is a full power rifle cartridge that is capable of one-shot kills at 1000 yards against humans and medium-sized game. It is a potent battlefield round that is able to defeat light to medium armor with standard FMJ loads and medium to heavy armor when loaded with armor piercing projectiles. Shooters seeking to maximize the performance of their weapons can use match loads, which are meticulously crafted in small batches for maximum accuracy, or can “roll their own” using handloads to achieve customized ballistic performance.

Hunting Rifle: The classic Remington 700 and similar weapons are rugged, dependable, and accurate bolt-action firearms. With the addition of a telescopic sight, they become a poor man’s sniper rifle.

Battle Rifle: The Battle Rifle is a sturdy semiautomatic weapon which is loaded via a unique 8-round clip which is loaded into the gun’s action; the clip makes a distinctive metallic ping when it is ejected from the empty gun. Aside from being chambered in .308, rather than the slightly longer cartridge it was originally designed for, the Battle Rifle is pretty much an exact copy of the M1 Garand, The U.S. Army’s primary rifle of WWII.

FN FAL: The FN FAL is capable of both semiautomatic and fully automatic fire, and feeds from a 20-round detachable box magazine. It quickly becomes uncontrollable during automatic fire, however. While famously sturdy, it is also somewhat cumbersome to wield in close combat, due in part to the top-mounted carrying handle.

Browning Automatic Rifle: The BAR is a heavy automatic weapon (17 lbs loaded) that is capable of controllable automatic fire thanks to its considerable mass. Although a bit on the heavy side for use as an assault rifle, it also serves as a very portable light machine gun. Its moderate rate of fire and 20-round box magazine limits its effectiveness with suppressive fire, however.

DKS-501 Sniper Rifle: Capable of one-shot kills out to 1000 yards, this semiautomatic weapon is purpose-built for long-range accuracy. The weapon is not light, due to its heavy barrel, powerful sniper scope, integral bipod, and action overbuilt for precision.

M60 Machine Gun: This general-purpose machine gun is capable of sustained full-auto fire, thanks to it’s belt-fed feeding mechanism and the 100-round belt carrier mounted beneath the weapon. Nicknamed “the Pig” by soldiers forced to lug the 30-pound beast, the M60 requires considerable strength to fire from the shoulder; average-strength shooters can effectively fire it from the hip or using the attached bipod, however.

308 Caliber Weapons and Ammunition

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