Grenade Launchers and Ammunition

Grenade launchers provide portable explosive firepower, and can fire a variety of conventional and exotic ammunition types. Launcher formats range from single shot break-action weapons to fully automatic drum-fed monsters. 25mm grenades provide higher range and accuracy, but 40mm grenades can deliver more powerful explosions and a wider range of payloads.

M79 Grenade Launcher: Weighing 6 pounds empty, this relatively lightweight launcher provides the ability to deliver explosive ordinance out to 400 yards or more, far in excess of a hand grenade’s range. This single shot, break action weapon resembles an oversized double barrel shotgun. The simple design and operation of the M79 allows it the fire the widest possible variety of 40mm ammunition types.

Pump-Action Grenade Launcher: This weapon, which resembles an oversized pump-action shotgun, can fire four 40mm rounds in two seconds, for situations where saturation fire is desired or a single grenade just isn’t enough. It’s heavier and bulkier than the M79, but compensates with its rapid fire capabilities.

25mm Grenade APW: The APW (Anti-Personnel Weapon) is a semiautomatic 25mm launcher, fed by a 6-round removable box magazine. It allows for more accurate fire than the 40mm launchers above, and can reach out to 850 yards if required. As the 25mm grenade is produces a less powerful explosion, it is optimal to achieve direct hits on targets, rather than relying on the limited blast radius for damage.

Grenade Machinegun: This monster of a grenade launcher allows for automatic fire of 25mm rounds and feeds from a detachable 30-round drum magazine. Weighing in at 43 pounds, this weapon requires even very strong users to fire from the hip; however a computerized ballistic targeting system allows accurate fire against individual targets, and area targets can be engaged out to 2200 yards.

Grenade Launchers and Ammunition

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