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Fallout: Wasteland Tales

Fallout is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi western setting that features desperate survivors in a harsh and violent world. It’s about fragile outposts of civilization that dot a bleak and ruined landscape full of raiders, scavengers, mutants, robots, and horrors spawned of B-movie science. It’s the ruins of a highly optimistic and deeply paranoid society which embraced the atom and feared the commie and a cold war that never ended until the world did.

The Wasteland is dirt and rust and old leather and worn-out guns and bomb shelters and ruined cities and shattered concrete. It’s Mad Max and the Old West and the atomic age ray-gun dreams of 1950’s America. It’s The Book of Eli and The Road and The Walking Dead and The Last of Us and Cowboys Vs. Aliens and Firefly.

Fallout: Wasteland Tales is about survival and gunfights and brutal violence, but also about smooth-talking wanderers and earning reputations and competing factions. It’s about choosing to help fragile, desperate communities as they struggle to survive, or choosing to take what you want by force and kill as you please. It’s about battling raiders and mutants, scrounging in hazardous ruins, discovering the secrets of the long-dead, making your mark on the Wasteland, and acquiring the weapons, ammo, and gear needed to keep yourselves alive by any means necessary.

Campaign Details: The story will begin in northern California, in the region known as the “Big Circle”. The game takes place in 2246, a few years after the events of Fallout 2. The premise is that the Chosen One was successful in his quest to save his village and successfully defeated the fascist Enclave, but mostly ignored the plights of the various people he met along the way, leaving the struggling outposts of civilization he discovered to survive, or not, on their own. Heroes are needed now more then ever, and villains will find even more fragile situations to exploit, but many wasteland travelers will simply struggle to survive.

Play Medium: I’ll be using Roll20, the web-based virtual tabletop.

Inspirational Media: My Fallout Wasteland Tales and Wild Wasteland Pintrest boards. Or my Spotify mix, Apocalypse Jukebox: Soundtrack for the World’s End.

Home Page

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