10mm Weapons and Ammunition

10mm guns and ammo are among the most iconic items in the Fallout universe. 10mm weapons were standard issue for portions of the federal government prior to the Great War, and were selected for use by Vault security personnel.

The 10mm cartridge is powerful, versatile, and and lends itself to high ammunition capacities. The 10mm can be loaded (using varying amounts and types of smokeless powder propellant) to achieve a relatively wide range of ballistic profiles. Lighter loads combine the generous wounding capability of the .45 ACP pistol round with the superior penetration and lighter recoil of the 9mm. Moderate loadings result in a “hybrid” cartridge that achieves near magnum levels of kinetic energy along with controllable (if stiff) levels of recoil. Heavy 10mm loadings can meet or exceed the penetration of the .357 Magnum while offering greater wounding potential; such heavy loadings come close to duplicating the .44 Magnum’s ballistic performance (and its considerable recoil) while offering comparable wounding potential and greatly increased ammunition capacity.

Additionally, the 10mm lends itself to use in suppressed, a.k.a. silenced, firearms. The relatively heavy 180 and 200 grain bullets possess generous levels of kinetic energy even when traveling at subsonic speeds which ensure that the effectiveness of a suppressor in capturing and slowing the otherwise noisy escaping gasses will not be undermined by the loud crack of a bullet as it breaks the sound barrier and generates a miniature sonic boom. The light loadings outlined above double as subsonic ammunition, making them both controllable and discreet; a perfect combination for covert assaults, close-range assassinations, and other situations where both stealth and high effect-on-target is required.

The 10mm Pipe Rifle

At its most basic, a gun is just a tube with one end closed off and fitted with a firing mechanism. The pipe rifle can be constructed with some scrap metal, a piece of wood for a stock, and a short length of pipe or metal tubing with an interior diameter matching the caliber of the bullet to be fired. The 10mm pipe rifle is used most often in areas at the margins of civilization’s influence, usually for hunting dangerous game. The weapon’s improvised barrel means it is not very accurate, and the minimalist action means it is a slow-loading single shot weapon, but despite its shortcomings, the 10mm pipe rifle is an inexpensive and effective ranged weapon that fills an important niche among resource-poor wasteland inhabitants (which is no small number).

N99 10mm Pistol

The N99 was adopted as a standard issue sidearm by America’s military in 2051. It became known for its ability to survive in the harshest of conditions; the weapon was able to reliably be restored to working condition after an extended period of time exposed to hard elements and without maintenance. The N99 takes design cues from the Colt 1911 and the Desert Eagle, but the arguably most striking feature is the integral muzzle weight and aiming laser mount that gives the N99 its slab-sided, monolithic appearance. This distinctive feature, along with the weapon’s beefy steel-alloy frame, helps to tame the considerable recoil the 10mm cartridge is capable of producing. The weapon’s hard-hitting rounds, manageable recoil, and respectable magazine capacity make it a top-tier handgun for both defensive and offensive applications.

10mm SMG

The 10mm submachinegun is a fearsome close combat weapon which is capable of emptying its 30 round magazine in under three seconds. Although the substantial recoil generated by the 10mm round makes this weapon difficult to control during rapid fire, it can be disturbingly effective against unarmored or lightly armored targets at close range. Users operating the 10mm SMG in semiautomatic or limited-burst mode will appreciate how few rounds on target are necessary to neutralize their opponents, in part due to the increase in projectile energy provided by the weapon’s extended barrel.

10mm Weapons and Ammunition

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