223 Caliber Weapons and Ammunition

The .223 caliber rifle round, metric designation 5.56mm, is an intermediate-power cartridge used primarily in assault weapons. It has greater penetration and wounding ability than all but the most powerful pistol rounds, but with less recoil and greater ammunition capacity than heavier rifle cartridges.

223 Pistol: This 5-shot revolver’s handgun-length barrel can’t get the full benefit of the high-pressure .223 round, but still provides magnum-class penetration. It provides the option of using the same round for both rifle and sidearm, as well as using specialized .233 variants, such as armor piercing rounds.

Varmint Rifle: This bolt action firearm is fed by a detachable 5-round magazine. Although capable of accurate and lethal fire at medium to long range, the low rate of fire and limited ammunition capacity of this weapon limits its usefulness in combat. Sniping, ambush, and other techniques for exploiting tactical advantage are recommended.

Colt Rangemaster: This semiautomatic rifle was designed for varmint control, but is also well-suited for hunting light to medium game. While it was not designed for combat, it’s a serviceable weapon for low-intensity fights in which the Rangemaster’s 10-round magazine is not a significant liability.

R91 Assault Rifle: The R91 was widely used in the decades leading up to the Great War. It is a versatile small arm that is capable of accurate fire at medium ranges, along with full-automatic fire for suppression and room-clearing.

Marksman Carbine: This versatile “sharpshooter’s assault rifle” is designed to allow a skilled user to provide sustained accurate semi-automatic fire over a wide range of distances. The weapon’s few shortcomings include increased target acquisition difficulty at close range due to the telescopic sight, and sub-optimal effectiveness at long distance due to the .223 round’s limitations.

DKS-501 Sniper Rifle: This purpose-built sniper’s weapon allows highly accurate fire at medium to long ranges. Although originally designed for the more powerful .308 rifle round, the DKS-501 was rechambered for .233 with some regularity. Although the DKS-501 in .223 has a shorter effective range and reduced terminal effectiveness, its lighter recoil allows users to take better advantage of the weapon’s semiautomatic rate of fire.

Light Machine Gun: This heavy assault weapon is capable of sustained automatic fire, thanks to its belt fed operation and undermounted assault pack which holds a 90-round ammo belt; a bulkier 200-round pack is also available. The weapon is cumbersome when used on the move, and weighs a hefty 22 pounds loaded, but can be fired with minimal difficulty by an average rifleman.

223 Caliber Weapons and Ammunition

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