Campaign Details

Game System: GURPS 4th edition. I’ll supply all the necessary materials.

Setting: Fallout is a post-apocalyptic scavenger world, with strong atomic horror, raygun gothic, and western elements.

Starting Scenario: The player’s characters are travelling with a Brahmin caravan between outposts of civilization on a Northern California trade route known as the “Big Circle”. They must contend with dangerous mutant creatures, human predators, and survivors with conflicting agendas.

Style: Very much centered around: 1) roleplay, survival, creative problem-solving and relationships between survivors and groups. 2) strategy, weighing risks and resource management. There will be an inevitable degree of combat, due to how hostile the setting is, but since combat in GURPS is pretty unforgiving, you’re often better off by resolving conflict without an all-out gunfight.

Gaming Medium: Roll20. Face-to face is possible, but less likely.

Player Count: Three or four is a nice number, but the campaign structure is flexible by design and can accommodate varying numbers of players.

Game Content: GURPS Basic Set, and High Tech are the primary resources, but Tactical Shooting, Social Engineering, Low Tech, and Martial Arts are also incorporated to an extent. I’ve put together a customized Fallout: Wasteland Tales Sourcebook for GM and player reference.

Dice Rolls: Players roll for their characters unless it would give them information their characters wouldn’t know. I’ll roll everything else.

House Rules: House rules, optional rules, and alternate rules are covered in the Fallout: Wasteland Tales Sourcebook, which will be the definitive rules source for the campaign.

Combat Rules: Combat will be highly tactical: players will have access to to a wide range of offensive and defensive options, and simulationist combat elements such as Hit Locations, Visibility, and Cover, will be in effect. Hex-based map will be used for determining player positions, but the full tactical combat rules will be kept to the minimum necessary.

Character Creation:
• Human characters are recommended, but ghoul, supermutant, and robot racial packages are available.
• Characters will be constructed using 75 to 125 starting Character Points.
• Up to -5 points of Quirks.
• Up to -50 points of Disadvantages, not counting Quirks or Racial Disadvantages.
• Paranormal, Exotic, or Cinematic character traits are restricted by default and require GM permission. Some cinematic advantages and combat options are allowed and are included in the Fallout: Wasteland Tales Sourcebook, ask the GM (that’s me) about others.
• You may not take Wealth-related advantages or disadvantages. Social advantages, as a rule, must be earned in play rather than purchased at character creation; minor exceptions may be made at the GM’s discretion.
• I’d like at least a small bio, nothing too involved, for any player-created character. Characters’ skills and abilities should match their backgrounds.
• Gaining new Advantages, raising Attributes, and developing skills via gameplay is bound to happen, so don’t worry if you can’t afford everything you want at the start.

Technology Level: Fallout features a mix of several technology levels (TL). From tribal use of spears and stone age technologies, to the use of energy weapons and power armor by secretive high-tech factions, to the jumble of scavenged technology in use by most wasteland inhabitants, the setting operates contrary to the default assumptions of the GURPS ruleset. GURPS has rules for settings with nonstandard TL elements, but in the interest of playability and fun, this campaign will downplay the importance of TL except when dramatically apprpriate, such as when dealing with very high or very low TL factions or items.

Campaign Details

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